Hardwood Flooring

Being a naturally resourced product, hardwood flooring has a range of tree species, grains, and color palettes to choose from, both enhancing the natural beauty of your home, while at the same time being environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Hardwood has characteristics unique to itself, with a floor look that ranges from smooth, high gloss traditional strips to wide and weathered looking planks.

Bamboo flooring for example is rapidly growing in popularity, due to its natural beauty, resiliency, and environmental sustainability: bamboo is a very fast growing tree.

When considering the purchase of hardwood flooring, consider the hardwood type in terms of home placement, outside environment, and intensity of indoor activity. Some of the softer hardwood products for example, may not be suitable in areas of the home that are subject to heavy foot traffic and excessive soils and debris from the outside environment. On the other hand, darker hardwood floorings tend to show dust and debris in much greater intensity, requiring more frequent cleaning and maintenance.